JOKO Never Too Much Makeup Gift Set


The gift set includes:

  1. JOKO Perfect Wings Liquid Eyeliner, 1.2 ml
  2. JOKO Pump Your Lashes Mascara, 9ml
  3. JOKO Micellar Wipes for Makeup Removal, 15 pieces

JOKO Perfect Wings Eyeliner – Waterproof Eye Liner

An extremely precise eyeliner in the form of a comfortable pen with a long, well-profiled tip. It allows for the desired emphasis and enables you to achieve a perfect line – both thin and thick. The eyeliner is waterproof, making it extremely durable – no need for touch-ups throughout the day!

JOKO Pump Your Lashes Mascara for Volume and Length

An innovative silicon brush with an irregular shape perfectly distributes the mascara without sticking the lashes together or leaving clumps. Longer bristles on one side and shorter ones on the other; the shorter ones can be used to paint the lashes and create a delicate line at their base, while the longer ones perfectly cover and lengthen the lashes. The brush combs the lashes perfectly, making them look natural and voluminous. The lashes gain an exceptionally expressive and deeply saturated colour.

JOKO Micellar Wipes for Makeup Removal

Black fabric wipes soaked in micellar liquid not only efficiently remove makeup but also moisturise, leaving the skin fresh and clean. Additionally, they help fight against imperfections, remove excess sebum, and other impurities. Perfect for all skin types, especially oily, acne-prone, and combination skin. Ideal for daily use and essential when travelling!

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Introducing the JOKO Never Too Much Makeup Gift Set, a beauty enthusiast's dream come true! Elevate your glam game with this all-in-one makeup kit designed for those who can never have too much sparkle and shine. Unleash your creativity and embrace a world of endless possibilities with this comprehensive set that goes beyond the basics.

The Never Too Much Makeup Gift Set is a beauty bonanza, offering a plethora of vibrant shades and luxurious textures to suit every mood and occasion. Whether you're a makeup maven or a beauty beginner, this set is undeniably the perfect addition to your beauty arsenal. No more settling for the basics – with JOKO, you can amplify your makeup routine effortlessly.

Create stunning looks that speak volumes without saying a word. The JOKO Never Too Much Makeup Set empowers you to express your individuality through a kaleidoscope of colours and high-quality formulations. After all, makeup is not just about enhancing your features; it's about telling your unique story with each brushstroke.

However, this set is not just about eye shadows and lipsticks; it's a beauty journey that takes you beyond the ordinary. Besides the rich pigments and smooth textures, you'll find versatile tools and accessories that make application a breeze. In summary, JOKO ensures you have everything you need to unleash your inner makeup artist.

Unleash Your Inner Artist: The JOKO Never Too Much Makeup Gift Set

All things considered, the Never Too Much Makeup Gift Set is a beauty investment that keeps on giving. Although there are countless makeup sets out there, none compare to the sheer brilliance and variety offered by JOKO. Get ready to embark on a beauty adventure that's nothing short of extraordinary!

Certainly, this gift set is a game-changer for anyone who loves experimenting with makeup. Comparatively, it stands out in a crowded market, delivering unparalleled quality and endless possibilities. So why settle for the basics when you can have it all with the JOKO Never Too Much Makeup Gift Set?

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