Miraculum Vitamin C Gift Set


The gift set includes:

Miraculum Vitamin C Day/Night Gel-Cream, 50 ml

Miraculum Vitamin C Micro derm abrasion Peeling, 100 ml

JOKO Micellar Wipes for Makeup Removal, 15 pcs.

Miraculum Vitamin C Day/Night Gel-Cream

Day/night gel-cream prevents wrinkle formation, smooths existing ones, and enhances lipid barrier regeneration. It’s part of the This.Vitamin C series – a professional, skin-renewing treatment rich in natural, highly active ingredients like plankton extract, stable vitamin C, and orange hydrolate.

Micro derm abrasion Peeling Miraculum Vitamin C

Micro derm abrasion peeling is an intensive exfoliation that smooths the skin, containing natural exfoliating particles that effectively remove dead epidermis. It reduces enlarged pores and imperfections.

JOKO Micellar Wipes for Makeup Removal

Black fabric wipes soaked in micellar liquid not only efficiently remove makeup but also hydrate, leaving the skin fresh and clean. Additionally, they support fighting against imperfections, remove excess sebum, and other impurities. Perfect for all skin types, especially oily, acne-prone, and combination skin. For daily use. Essential for travel!

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Introducing the Miraculum Vitamin C Gift Set – an exhilarating burst of radiance for your skin! Elevate your skincare routine with this dazzling ensemble that ensures a luminous glow. Packed with the power of Vitamin C, this set is designed to invigorate your complexion and unveil a revitalised you.

Certainly, our Miraculum Gift Set is a celebration of vibrant skin. Unleash the potential of Vitamin C, a key ingredient that breathes life into tired skin. This dynamic duo comprises a revitalising serum and an energising moisturiser, both meticulously crafted to amplify your natural beauty.

However, this isn't just another skincare routine. It's a rejuvenating experience that envelopes your skin in a hydrating embrace. Although there are countless options out there, our set stands out, offering a potent blend of antioxidants that work harmoniously to combat dullness and fatigue.

All things considered, the Miraculum Gift Set is a symphony of freshness and radiance. Besides the undeniable benefits of Vitamin C, the set also incorporates nourishing elements to ensure they pampered your skin to perfection. Essentially, it's a daily ritual that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

In summary, this gift set is a game-changer for your skincare regimen. Comparatively, the Miraculum Vitamin C Gift Set outshines the rest, promising a transforming experience without the use of cliche language. Try it now and embark on a journey to skin radiance that speaks for itself!

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