JOKO Vegan Lip Gloss


Indulge in JOKO Vegan Lip Gloss, a cruelty-free marvel offering vibrant hues for guilt-free glam. Enriched with shea butter and botanical extracts, our gloss ensures undeniable hydration and comfort. Embrace beauty with ethics—JOKO Vegan Lip Gloss is your go-to for a luscious, sustainable pout.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Botanical Extracts, Vegan-Friendly Pigments, Ethical Elegance.


  • Light and pleasant application
  • Lip hydration
  • Glossy colour

Available in 6 shades.

Get ready to embrace the luscious allure of JOKO Vegan Lip Gloss—a tantalising fusion of glamour and ethics. This cruelty-free gloss is not just another beauty enhancer; it's a celebration of your commitment to both style and sustainability. The JOKO Lip Gloss, crafted with meticulous precision, offers a dazzling array of vivid colours that effortlessly complement your natural radiance. Elevate your lip game with shades that range from vibrant pinks to sultry reds, ensuring there's a hue for every mood and occasion.

Unleash your inner glow with our thoughtfully curated formula, free from animal by-products and harmful chemicals. Embracing a vegan lifestyle has never been this chic! All things considered, Vegan Lip Gloss doesn't compromise on quality or style. Pamper your lips with a velvety, smooth texture that lasts all day. Besides being a feast for the eyes, the gloss is enriched with nourishing ingredients, including Shea butter and botanical extracts. Experience undeniable hydration and comfort with each application.

Although beauty trends come and go, JOKO Lip Gloss remains a timeless essential in your makeup arsenal. Its lightweight yet long-lasting formula ensures a flawless finish, making it perfect for day-to-night wear. However, this gloss isn't just about appearances—it's a statement. In summary, it's more than makeup; it's a commitment to a cruelty-free and Eco-conscious lifestyle. Basically, with JOKO Vegan Lip Gloss, you don't have to choose between ethics and aesthetics—have them both!

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