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Perfect Wings Waterproof & Sweat proof Eyeliner pen JOKO Black

Perfect Wings Waterproof & Sweat proof Eyeliner pen JOKO Black

£9.99 GBP

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PERFECT WINGS is an extremely precise eyeliner in the form of a comfortable pen with a long, properly profiled tip.

Gives the look a desirable underline and allows you to get a precise line - both thin and thicker, bold.

The formula with high pigment content guarantees deep and shiny black.

It does not leave streaks, works smoothly, does not smudge and is waterproof, which makes it extremely durable - does not require corrections during the day!

With the help of Eyeliner PERFECT WINGS you can easily make shapely "wings" or so-called "swallows" - painting the line becomes extremely easy!

Effect? Perfect line and expressive look.

REMEMBER: Performing precise eye makeup with the Eyeliner PERFECT WINGS is very simple, but it's worth learning some tips that will guarantee a perfect look:

● stroke the line with one sure stroke

● do not press the pen too hard on your eyelid

● paint the line only with the tip of the applicator


● wear resistant

● sweat resistant

● PAO 6 months