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JOKO Brow Pomade

JOKO Brow Pomade

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Perfectly shaped and expressive eyebrows?

If you want to get this effect, the eyebrow pomade will be irreplaceable for you. This revolutionary product will win the heart of every woman who follows the latest trends. JOKO eyebrow pomade will create and define your make up - its active ingredients will not only ensure pleasant and easy application of the product, but also will strengthen your eyebrows and moisturize them. The pomade will keep your eyebrows in perfect shape throughout the day, smooth them and give them the desired colour, while improving their condition. The pomade comes with an applicator with a specially shaped tip that will help you apply and comb the cosmetic into your eyebrows.


Eyebrow styling is an important part of your daily make-up, so it is worth reaching for a practical and professional product, that will help highlight your beauty. JOKO eyebrow pomade is a universal cosmetic with a creamy consistency enclosed in a small jar, available in two natural shades. Pomade tints and shapes the eyebrows.


● a uniform texture does not stick the hair together

● the ingredients improve the condition of the hairs (Creatine, Panthenol)

● emollients ensure easy application and enhance gloss