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Gracja BIO Regenerating Vege Face Cream Acacia Collagen All Skin Day/Night 50ml

Gracja BIO Regenerating Vege Face Cream Acacia Collagen All Skin Day/N

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The combination of high technology and the power of natural ingredients, allowed for the creation of cosmetics that are unique in their effect, which bring out the subtle beauty of the skin.

In our increasingly polluted world, pure, natural resources are not just a trend BIO, it is the use of the power of nature in the most appropriate way

This face cream is Improving the condition of normal skin and tendency to weakness. Your skin deserves to be strengthened, nourished and regenerated. Give your skin glow.

Ingredients: Acacia collagen promotes the formation of proper collagen fibers in the skin. In addition, it significantly improves skin hydration. Moringa oil is a natural antioxidant with exceptional smoothing and softening properties. In addition, it smoothes wrinkles and prevents the facial skin from slackening. Almond oil strengthens the lipid coat and improves blood supply to the skin, prevents dehydration and intensely moisturizes.

Skin types: For daily care of all skin types, especially mature skin, with the first signs of ageing, dryness, tiredness and sensitivity.

Effect: Regenerated and moisturised skin.